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Should Trader Joe's have its own board?

jmckee | Nov 11, 201308:03 AM

This question is only partially tongue-in-cheek.

Of the 25 threads on the home page of the Chains board, 13 of them are about Trader Joe's.

That seems excessive. I'm a bit of a Costco fan, but there have never been Costco threads this numerous.

Granted I am not a Trader Joe's fan; I don't like it and do not ever shop there. But it's kind of annoying to have to wade through all the TJ threads to find something else that interests me.

Two solutions come to mind:

(A) Split off Trader Joe's onto its own board (which seems a tad silly) or
(B) Do a quarterly thread for items TJ, the way we do for Costco; that would cover Brie, Sparkling Water, Valencia butter, and all the other TJ stuff about which people are creating individual threads.

Comments? Questions? Other ideas? The inevitable snarking from TJ lovers?

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