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Willing to trade - my black bean chili recipe for your beef chili recipe


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Willing to trade - my black bean chili recipe for your beef chili recipe

Coyote | Oct 16, 2003 11:14 AM

Just put on a pot and it smells divine. Quick soak a cup of black beans in six cups of water. Sautee a chopped onion and several cloves of garlic in olive oil, and add some really good quality chili powder, cumin, oregano and cayenne. Splash in some white wine and about a cup of chicken stock and a can of diced tomatoes and simmer a few minutes. Add that to the beans and simmer a couple of hours until the beans are soft. Adjust seasonings to taste. I top with sour cream and shredded cheese and serve with corn bread. Leftovers go on hot-dogs. Sour cream and cheese melted in turns this into a black bean chili dip for tortilla chips.

What I lack is a good recipe for beef chili. Have tried several and they tend to come out kind of uninteresting and blah. Not so much whether I make them sufficiently spicy--more of a flavor, ingredient issue. I am looking for something Tex-Mex or Southwestern with pieces of beef as opposed to ground beef, and no offense, not after a Cincinnati style chili. Love beans, but open to chilies that include them and those that do not. Did a board search and nothing jumped out at me. There are tons that come up through google, of course, but I am hoping some of the many killer cooks here will share?

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