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Nobody in town makes a good ..... !!!


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Nobody in town makes a good ..... !!!

Dave | May 21, 2004 05:14 PM


Manhattan owns the pastrami on rye.
California owns the fish taco.
Wisconsin owns the frozen custard.
Philly owns the cheesesteak.


Seemingly simple foods, right? But for some mystical reason, no matter where you go, those items aren't any good anywhere outside of those places that made them famous.

It isn't because it's an ethnic specialty only available in a certain region. I'm not talking about the failure of "Ole and Lena's China Buffet" in Little Oslo, Minnesota to match up to Chinese in NY or San Francisco. For the most part, it's not ingredients indigenous to any one location. Yeah...Maine lobster isn't any good in Omaha in February. I know.

It's just a food that's mysteriously only good if you get it in a particular location.

For me, it's a pastrami on rye from Katz's in NY. It simply can't be re-created outside of Manhattan.

Pastrami + Rye Bread + Mustard - Manhattan = Sucky

I've given up. I won't have a decent pastrami on rye until the next time I'm in Manhattan. It is ridiculous and unimaginable.....but it is so.

It's like their version has a mysterious, magical aura.

Perhaps you've moved from one city to another, and you're absolutely craving something you can't find in your new location.

What's your "mystery aura" food???

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