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Tourist Hate

fred42 | Jul 15, 2014 09:31 AM

Why is it there is all the hate of tourists on this site?

For those that live in Paris do you realize that you live in one of the most visited cities in the world?

I was born and raised in San Francisco, another city that tourists like to visit. I worked downtown everyday of my working life. When I saw tourists on the street I loved it. If I saw them puzzled over where to go looking at their map I would always stop and try to help.

When I am in your city I am obviously a tourist. I don't where flip-flops and try to at least present myself in a respectful manor. I do not speak the language, as I do not have an affinity for them. I do know the basic greetings and am polite.

The last time in your city was for my 65th birthday and had a fab lunch at Le Cinq. That’s what I call service. I and my wife are usually able to wade through the menus and eat well. We mostly go to places in the neighborhood we are staying in.

I will be in your city starting on Friday bringing 2 nieces and sister in law and wife for 10 days as a graduation present for the nieces.

I hope we won't make you all angry.

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