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Top Chef Texas -- Reunion

Ruth Lafler | Mar 7, 201207:43 PM

Wow. Heather. Given a chance to apologize to Bev (which Sarah did), she instead went with "I'm not going to apologize because I was just saying what I felt was true at the time."

Newsflash, honey: the fact that you felt what you said was true doesn't make it any less hateful. Plus, you can still be sorry you hurt someone with your "truth"! But no, you couldn't even come up with the classic non-apology "I'm sorry if you were hurt by what I said."

Well, I truly feel you're a megabitch, and I'm not going to apologize!

Gail was clearly appalled. I haven't heard such disdain in the voice of a judge at a reunion show since Nina Garcia took down the designer who told one of the models he’d never hire a model with bad teeth and thick legs.

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