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Top Chef Reunion - Spoiler

NinaS | May 11, 2006 12:14 AM

Okay, here's my personal highlights:

Stephen said that fine dining represents 13% of American dining (which Harold and Tiffani cater to..) and the other 77% is Dave's forte. Couldn't help but notice that this business grad doesn't realize that this equals only 90%. Though, don't get me wrong, I do kind of like Stephen, as a restauranteur (and I personally loved his humble apology to Candace, for what it's worth).

Tiffani walking off and crying after the accusation of her messing with the others' work stations. I wouldn't have believed that she would have done it, but her response seemed to almost solidify her guilt.

Harold, nice guy. Surprised when he yelled at Tiffani "Jesus Christ!" He just didn't want to be interrupted.

They were all asked (minus the final three) who should have been in the top three and the response was Leanne. They also unanimously think that Dave is the underdog.

Great show, and I find that I try to not play favorites, and to realize that this is TOP CHEF... Again, who do you think can run a kitchen and come out with great dishes...


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