Food Media 173

Top Chef-Improv

Phaedrus | Apr 23, 200807:59 PM

Richard is a two time winner. Quickfire and elimination. Dale also wins elimination with Richard. I loved this challenge. Playing tricks on them with the loss of appliances and the moving of the service to the house was brilliant.

Perplexed played to Richard's strength. He has shown that he likes making things that look like one thing and tasting like another with the Willy Wonka dish, so this is great for him. And Richard and Dale make a formidable team, they complement each other well.

So Spike finally gets to do his soup, now maybe we can not hear about it anymore. Not a big fan of sweet soups, but I would like to try their soup.

You know, Antonia and Lisa totally missed the boat, the defense was pretty flimsy. Colors and emotions are enough to riff on, you don't need to riff on everything, when it says polish sausage, it is going to kill you to do as you are asked. An dI would have been pissed too if I didn't get the tequila. But they really didn't like the asparagus dish.

Nikki and Spike stays for another week, dammit!!!

And Jennifer is gone. Which is pretty sad because she is a whole lot better than the aforementioned schmucks.

Oh yeah, I think they cut the scene where Antonia threw up in her mouth, as she had promised if Spike got to the top with his squash soup. ;)

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