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Top Chef Canada, Season 2, Episode 4 (spoilers)

chefhound | Apr 3, 2012 12:33 PM

It's the offal episode. Yum!

Quickfire: The chefs have to taste proteins and identify them blindfolded. The losers: Trista and Elizabeth with 2. The top: Jonathan, Ryan, Sergio and Gabriell with 5.
Sudden death ingredient taste off: Round 1: Ryan and Gabriell are eliminated by bee pollen. Round 2: Jonathan beats Sergio with avocado oil.
Jonathan wins an advantage in the Elimination.

Elimination: Create an offal tasting menu for Chris Cosentino. Served at Parts & Labour with Chef Matty Matheson as an additional diner.
They draw knives to determine which offal they get to cook. Jonathan's advantage is to switch his ingredient with another chef. Also, he gets to switch the ingredients for two other chefs.
Jonathan switches his lamb liver with Trevor's veal sweetbreads. He also switches David's tripe with Gabriell's duck liver.
Bottom: Gabriell's soup with tripe, Curtis' lamb intestine sausages with couscous, Trista's pork tongue pastrami and Sergio's beef tongue poutine.
Top: Jimmy's veal brain ravioli, Elizabeth's pig ear two ways, Carl's beef heart and eggs and David's duck liver ice cream.
The winner: David and his liver ice cream.
And Sergio goes home for poutine.

Congratulations to David for his duck liver ice cream. Like the judges, I've been waiting for David to step up. He's a great chef and the most experienced of the contestants. I'm glad he finally performed as I have long expected him to.
Funny how Jonathan traded for the sweetbreads but them didn't make a dish good enough for the top 4. Great palate though.
Sergio, too bad - the idea sounded great. It should have been great but he failed to execute. I love beef tongue and add cheese and gravy - yummy! As a Quebecois, he should have delivered an amazing poutine!
Curtis, did you ever have those crispy pork intestines in the Chinese restaurants when you were a kid? You know, the crispy red coloured things that you loved eating until they told you they were intestines? Could you have made those with your lamb intestines?

Love Chris Cosentino! His comments and critique were so insightful. Like the TC US judging. Not the repetitive, stilted comments that we usually get on TC Canada. Did you give Mark any tips on more discerning commentary and analysis, Chris?

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