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If I was on Top Chef...

asiansensation007 | Oct 30, 200910:45 AM

I know that nothing replicates the pressure and mental head games of actually being a contestant, but everytime I watch Top Chef, I always imagine what I would of made if given that challenge. I always take one of the losers dish in the QF and reinvent it to something better and for Elimination, I just dream of some amazing, in-my-head perfect dish. Of course I have no idea if I could actually execute this if i was actually IN this situation, but it always makes watching fun. For instance:

QF: Flinstones
I would of made an earthy, meaty, eat-with-your hands (entree) TV dinner

Herb Roasted Chicken Drumstick
Roasted Baby carrots with Honey Cardemon Glaze
Wild Rice Pilaf
Berry Crisp topped with dollop of yogurt

I groined when I heard Mike's disasterous leek plan. Susan Goin's Roasted Leek Recipe would of been a much better choice and it's easy and delicious!

Morel mushrooms, and carmelized onion crepes drizzled Roasted Leek cream sauce, sided with some kind of sauteed greens.

Now, do I think I would of beat kevin? No, that man has a midas touch when it comes to food (sans restaurant wars). but especially in past seasons, its funny to compare your ideas against those who are competing.

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