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Top Chef 2: the fall of *****! [spoilers inside]


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Top Chef 2: the fall of *****! [spoilers inside]

MaspethMaven | Jan 4, 2007 04:27 AM

[We've edited the spoiler out of this post title- THE CHOWHOUND TEAM]

After anxiously waiting for this week's episode, I was really pleased to see Betty go packing. Her dishes were poorly executed and frankly I was tired of the comfort food schtick. What's with all the trios?

Michael winning both quickfire and elimination challenges. Not by any means do I want him to win it all, but its nice to see him do well.

Sam and Ilan's true colors coming out. If you don't like someone, fine, but first and foremost be professionals. Marcel may be immature (and way too obsessed with foams), but I haven't sneen him completely blow up the way others have. There was no need to basically start brawling with him out in public, the continual slams at his sexual "experience" or lack thereof was beyond the pale. Does anyone else think the producers probably coached the Debbie Mazar crowd on this? Her comments were nearly identical to Ilan's.

Also, am starting to resent both Sam selfrightousness and Ilan's overconfidence. Multiple contestants have abused the "this is about taking risks" play at the judges table-with someone who professes so much experience, I expected more from Ilan.
I agree with Marcel that he's down a few notches in respect.

Anyone else want to chime in?

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