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Tokyo Restaurants - Jun 2012 -

CWFOODIE | Jun 27, 201207:55 AM


This sushi restaurant in Kamata is rarely discussed on the board, but it is one of the best dining experience I have ever had.

Diners can choose either the 5:30 or the 20:00 slot. I picked the 5:30 slot and had the chef all to myself. The chef is the 4th generation owner chef. He is passionate about sushi making and is the head of a Sushi Research Institute. He is extremely detailed-oriented and is even particular about how the diner picks up the sushi. (He does not provide chopsticks) He tried his best to explain every aspect of the dining experience.

The chef only serves sushi with no appetizers. Before the meal began, he explained that he only prepared the rice when the diner arrives and he emphasised he used only salt and vinegar (with no suger). He explained that the warmer rice is perfect for ika and the cooled rice is best for toro.
The meal consisted of
ika (excellent)
Bonito (excellent)
Aji (excellent) (he insisted that ginger should not be served with aji, unlike most other chefs)
Hamo (excellent) (salted and steamed, served without sauce)
Maguro Akami (2 pieces)
Chu Toro (2 pieces)
Awabi (2 pieces) (steamed, one whole baby abalone was used)
Otoro (2 pieces)
Anago (excellent)
Mixed tuna roll (i was impressed by the fragrant seaweed, the chef explained that it was the champion seaweed)
Tamago (the only disappointment of the entire meal, taste rather blend)

White fish was conspicuously absent in the menu, the chef explained that he only uses the most seasonal ingredient and apparently white fish is not in season. Maguro featured prominently in the menu, All the akami, chutoro and otoro are from one piece of tuna. The chef explained that he let the maguro stand for 5 days before serving. Another feature is that all the maguro is served zuke.

The service, the meal, the omakase sake, the cost performance (yen 15000) are all top tier. Highly recommended.


I went for lunch. I chose the 12000 menu. (I understand they serve cheaper sets and most people seem to settle for the cheaper sets) It was one of the best lunch i had.
suppon consomme jelly (divine)
tempura awabi, uni and eggplant, broadbean (wonderful, ingredients match perfectly)
anago served with rice (wonderful)
amadai soup (wonderful)
Sashimi isaki, ika, maguro
Corn Tempura (divine)
Dumpling wrapped in a tomato (very creative)
Soba (chef''s specialty)

Highly recommended.

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