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Tokyo - possibilities of "walk in" and no reserving ? Plus some more questions..

oferl | Dec 11, 201404:42 AM     7

We will spend most of April in Tokyo, and I'm starting to work on a long list of places that welcome "walk ins" and will suit our needs in different areas of Tokyo, plus several "special" meals that i will try to reserve either online or by phone, probably mainly for lunch time, in order to take advantage of prices and having better chances in booking (or even places that might be reasonable without a reservation).

From serious reading of the archives (always a fun part with chow forums when travelling to new destinations :-)), there is this "intimidating" and repeating point with "must" reserve cause each good place is tiny with one small counter, the possiblity of language issues, having a contact point or sort of recommending "patron" even to get in to a place,..
All this is really not what I'm looking for, and I probably will not have time or desire to handle it even with the hotel concierge, although food is sort of religion to both of us and a main factor in enjoying such trips, it will be our first visit, so exploring the city and the culture (plus the usual couple of days at Kyoto and Tokyo's close area), will force us to be much more spontaneous with the restaurants meals.

Still we really do want to sample good Kaiseki and sushi, bustling evening Izakaya and Tampura places, nice french option or two and much more cuisines, but it looks almost "mission impossible" at this point, quite confusing..

So anyway after this long and sad intro :-)
I would like to try and build a list as I always do for the "tourist and not totally foodie" cases, with at least several options for the different areas, which hopefully will be still, very good and solid places regardless of specific cuisine, but should be very friendly for case of walk-in, either by continues operating hours which will give possibility to eat around 15:00-19:00, maybe bigger places that might not need advance work, even (god forbid) chains and food hall areas, that I'm sure can be excellent for the genre and sort of experience with the high dining standards in Japan, at least according to the rumor :-)
Am I naïve with this approach, and such a list is not a good idea, cause walk ins in general is a bad direction? I gather many names from threads here, but I think almost all will not be relevant without knowing exactly when we go there..

I will continue my research and update later with specific names in order to build some itinerary, of course will be very glad to get also your thoughts and names that might suit the direction I described.

And two more questions if I may, first regarding "traditional" candy shops that are really good, we have tried Minamoto Kitchoan at some European cities and always like to explore this direction with new findings, so will be glad to get hints for the really good places to try.
And I always ask before trips for good Japanese supermarkets to find Yuzu juice and other condiments, well in this case it might be "a bit" unnecessary, but I still want to bring back many high quality local products with specific interest in the Yuzu, Shikwasa and other great citrus juice and essences I found in the past, plus finding other interesting condiments and spices, will be glad to get directions for those too.

Thanks a lot to any help and sorry for this too long of a message, VERY excited towards this trip !

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