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toddler question #2


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toddler question #2

hungry | Jun 9, 2006 01:28 PM

similar to the parent in the toddler-related post below from yesterday, i have a 20-month old girl, who, tho not losing weight, has always been way below the charts for size and weight.

size-wise, i was the same at that age, and my wife and i are short, so we're not overly concerned, but we would like to see her gain weight. she does eat quite a bit, and we've for a long time been doing the "add butter/whole milk/..." to it routine. so, my guess is that my daughter, like me, has a fast metabolism.

my question is -- is adding all of these fatty foods as bad (heartwise) for her as it is good (weightwise)? i, and several blood relatives, have genetically high cholesterol. should i be trying to bulk my daughter up with high-cal, low-fat foods, and if so what foods would you recommend?

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