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tips for removing pin bones AFTER cooking?

goodhealthgourmet | Dec 29, 200709:03 PM

i picked up some gorgeous alaskan black cod fillets today for new year's eve dinner. this evening, i prepped & cooled the den miso, retrieved the fish from the fridge, and realized as soon as i unwrapped it that i had forgotten to ask them to debone the fillets for me at the market. oops. this is what i get for being distracted when shopping.

ok, no biggie, i've done the dirty work myself before. that's why i bought those handy tweezers...which unfortunately seem to have disappeared from my kitchen! i really wanted to give the fish a solid 36 hours to marinate, so i decided to get them going with the bones in, instead of waiting until tomorrow to buy another pair of tweezers and remove the bones.

so now the fillets are back in the fridge, coated in their delicious marinade, where they'll stay until i stick them under the broiler monday evening. i know i can remove the bones after the fish is cooked, but does anyone have any pointers for the least destructive way to do it? i don't really want to mangle my beautifully lacquered fillets.

as a last resort, i'm considering just flaking the cooked fish and tossing it with soba noodles and a little extra sauce, but i'd really prefer to leave the fillets intact.

any help/advice would be greatly appreciated...

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