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Tips for dining out with babies and toddlers, please

The Dairy Queen | Oct 18, 201108:38 AM

Apologies if this has been posted thousands of times before, but would you all share your tips for dining out with young children? Do you keep a portable high chair and/or booster seat in your car for places that welcome kids but that don't offer them so you're prepared? Or do you skip those places altogether if you're got your child along?

Do you bring along a sippy cup and snacks or foods and feed the little one while you eat? Do you feed your kid before you go? Do you bring a food mill and try to grind up a little of what you're eating? Cut it up into chunks and offer it as finger foods? What if you go somewhere and they don't have a changing table?

I need your help with all of the above, and all of the things I didn't think to ask!

Thanks in advance!


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