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tipping & splitting bill tab w gift card?


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tipping & splitting bill tab w gift card?

vipfitness | Jan 5, 2008 12:32 PM

Ok, this is a loaded question (well to me since I would just put my gift card towards the table check and split it down the middle.) So, I hope I phrase this properly!

I bought a bunch of friends $25 dining out cards from restaurant .com for xmas. One of my girlfriends was especially ecstatic with the gift since she is on a tight budget! Now she can do a few girls night out with her friends and enjoy a few places she always wanted to try!

However, she asked me how does she go about tipping & splitting the tab just off of her meal? The tab will be all together since the gift card says for 2 or more entrees! is there a tipping scale to figure this out if you have your own gift card? She already planned dinner for a party of 3 this week and another dinner date for party of 2,then the following week a party of 4! Yikes, Im clueless and feel bad that she's soo stressed out about figuring out her cut and not looking cheap !

Please help me hep her feel assured that everything is fair at their meals!


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