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See, my tipping question is ... cash or credit card ...


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See, my tipping question is ... cash or credit card ...

PaulF | May 31, 2006 04:54 PM

Does anyone else tip differently when tipping cash versus credit card?

I'm not exactly sure I do, but I think I do.

I'm a tax doubler. That's 16 something percent in LA, plus I round up so call it 17 percent.

But that's on credit cards.

When I tip cash, I tip more, 20% or more, I bet. It's because the cash is right there on the table, right there for the server to scoop up and count. Do servers count tips right then and there and figure out if it was a good tip? I dunno.

See, I always figured that the credit card tips are less likely to reflect on me because who remembers who I am once the tips are cashed out of the register. I'm anonymous at that point.

But a cash tip, shoot, I might still be in the restaurant when that tip is picked up.

All of this makes me a bit sick, IMO. Why do I care what the waiter thinks of me after I've eaten? Especially if I'm being fair in one instance and fair + generous in the other instance.

But yet, that's what I do.

Anyone else tip differently in cash versus credit card?

(BTW - On another topic. I have great things to say about the waitresses in Culver City's Johnnie's Pastrami. Twice in the past couple of years I've gone in their for dinner (once in, once take out) and both of those times I had enough cash to pay for dinner, but nothing left over for the tip. In both cases they were so cool ... and in both cases I tipped extra high on the next visit. Cool dames is what they are.)

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