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Yet Another Tipping Question

BrookBoy | Mar 26, 2012 04:58 PM

I know, I know, the topic of tipping seems to have been covered in its entirety. Several times over. But I did a search on tipping here and I didn't find anything that addresses my question, so here it is.

My wife and I have started going to a pub in Brooklyn (the Double Windsor) where they have tables but very limited table service. The routine is that if you sit at a table, you go to the bar to order your drinks and you carry them back to the table yourself. Every now and then the bartender might make a sweep and clear the empty glasses from the tables, but a lot of customers carry their own glasses back to the bar when they order a new round or when they are leaving.

Additionally, the place has a food window where you go and order what you want, and you pay for it (cash only) at the window when you order. They give you metal stand with a number on it, and when your food is ready the waitress brings it out, spots your number and brings the food to you. Condiments are already on the table. Every now and then, the waitress also makes a sweep and collects the used plates and glasses, and that's about it for service. At the food window there is a tip jar.

So I am wondering how others might handle tipping in this kind of situation. Would you leave a small tip each time you go to the bar and order a round, or would you tip a larger amount when you are leaving? And how much would you tip at the food window? Would you tip a couple of bucks, or would you tip a percentage of the cost of the food?

Just trying to get a feel for how others might do it...

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