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tiny white clumps on my bread

HLing | Mar 18, 200810:00 PM

i made the no knead bread into small rolls the other day, using freshly ground rye, some sifted and sieved whole wheat flour, and a little bit of high gluten flour. Also added were freshly ground cocao beans, and broken pieces of raisins. It actually tasted better than it sounds. I wrapped the cooled leftover in aluminum foil and put it inside a large pot w/a glass lid.
I had packed one with me to work but only had time for a bite. (zip lock bag) when i got home and ate the rest of the roll i noticed some small clumps of white powdery stuff. It tasted fine. I thought it was from the flour. When i looked at the ones inside the pot inside the foil, there were now also the white stuff on them, not too much but suspicious looking. I'm pretty sure it's not mold, but can someone tell me what it is from the list of ingredients and the storage method i listed?
One thing about the taste of these rolls that they were slightly bitter, almost as if i had put baking soda in it, which of course i didn't. I thought it's probably the cocao beans.

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