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How many times can I reuse my beurre monte?

Miss Needle | Apr 26, 200806:21 PM

Hi. Just finished a wonderful butter poached lobster DH prepared for me tonight. He poached it in beurre monte, using about a lb of butter. As butter can be quite expensive (he purchased the cheapest one he found at the store at $6), I can't bear to throw it out and must reuse it. I've done this before -- made some butter poached lobster one night, saved the beurre monte and poached scallops in it the next day. Not quite the same but it was OK. I then threw out the butter. How many times do you think I can reuse it without having it suffer in quality? Remember that there are lobster juices in the sauce from the first poaching -- so I'm afraid at some point it will not be usable as it's no longer pure butter and water.

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