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Help for first-time sponge cake baker (long posting)

Marilyn | Apr 5, 200409:10 AM

My mother was a great cook but never made sponge or angelfood cake so I have no words of wisdom echoing in my head.

Last night I made the 9-egg sponge cake recipe that was posted on this board earlier, but I had major problems getting it out of the pan (the pieces were delicious!). I couldn't find a springform tube cake pan (my couldn't be kashered) so I bought the simpliest tube cake pan I could find--it is one-piece, nonstick and fluted. I did not grease it, just as the recipe directed.

I dropped the cake when I first took it out of the oven and burned myself, and then it fell off the first bottle I inverted the pan on. Eventually, I got it to stay on a bottle. I let it cool for a couple of hours, but when I went to remove it from the pan, it did leave behind a good-sized layer of cake in the pan, and the cake itself is now not all that attractive.

I won't have time to rebake today for the seders, but I would like to try the cake again for Shabbos or sometime during Pesach.

Any suggestions for me? What did I do wrong? How can I ensure that the cake comes out of the pan cleanly?

Thanks--I know someone can tell me where I went wrong.

Hag Pesach Samaech.

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