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Tilapia (farm-raised) now bad to eat?


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Tilapia (farm-raised) now bad to eat?

FelafelBoy | Aug 3, 2008 08:11 PM

I recently read that a university study (don't recall which university) did a study on farm raised Tilapia, a fish I had grown to really enjoy, and found that it was not that healthy to eat, given its higher omega 6 fatty acid concentration over the more desired omega 3. It was determined to have a higher saturated fat content than hamburger and had a higher cholesterol amount. It seemed that this finding was based on the fish being fed a corn based grain diet. This finding seemed incredulous to me!

I'd guess that occassional eating of farm raised Tilapia is ok in light of this report, but I'd love to hear someone refute this finding and report that it just ain't so!!

I understand that a higher amount of Omega 6's to 3's is more likely to lead to inflammation in the arteries than our beloved Omega 3 concentrated foods, so if farm raised Tilapia is going to be one of those "unhealthy" foods, I'd like to know what farm raised Tilapia is fed a different kind of diet to not result in this Omega 6/3 concentration. Tilapia I've seen in stores is generally labeled as farm raised. Now that it is known that a heavily corn based diet can lead to a higher saturated fat and high Omega 6 concentration even in fish, knowing the food source of an animal is even more important.

In my ignorance, I thought "fish means healthy to eat." One more favorite food banished from my life of foods to enjoy eating. I look forward to the next study overturning the last one.
I read that Perch is a good substitute for Tilapia in that it, too, is mild, and I think, is still wild caught. Any other similar mild fish? (Other fish that come to mind include flounder, and catfish, which can be problemsome, because it, too is generally farm-raised, and for those for whom this matters, is not considered kosher.)

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