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I wish there were fewer new threads.

c oliver | Feb 24, 201010:06 AM

Let me use myself and give two examples. I recently cooked a recipe from Julia Child's The Way to Cook and wanted to post about it. In the past I would likely have started a new thread. This time I did a search and found that several years ago, not surprisingly, the book had been a COTM so I added a reply to that thread. The second example is a review of a restaurant where we ate last week while in SF (actually two different ones). There were already threads on those so I just added my two cents worth. The advantage I see is that there are fewer threads on the same subject so it makes searching much easier. I see no disadvantages. It's still going to show up on New Posts both on the main board and also on the topical or regional boards. Anyone who has posted in the past will get to see an update. And maybe I'm just coming late to this party and most people already do that :) Just thought I'd throw it out.

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