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Thinking to conduct a "frying pan shoot-out" -- seeking advice

tanuki soup | Aug 29, 201103:18 AM

Hi, guys:

I just received a de Buyer Prima Matera frying pan from the USA today. It's an induction-capable copper frying pan -- 1.8-mm copper layer on the outside, 0.2-mm stainless steel layer on the inside, and a 1.0- to 1.5-mm-thick magnetic steel base fused to the bottom to make it work on an induction cooktop. (See the first two pictures below.)

If people here are interested, I was thinking to conduct a frying pan shoot-out to evaluate various types of frying pans in terms of speed and evenness of heating on an induction cooktop (third picture below).

The contenders that I happen to have in my kitchen (fourth picture below, clockwise from top center) are as follows:

1) de Buyer Prima Matera copper/stainless steel frying pan: 26.5 cm in diameter, weight 1682 g
2) Archetun induction-capable aluminum frying pan: 26.5 cm in diameter, weight 1116 g
3) Silit Silargan stainless steel/ceramic frying pan: 25.0 cm in diameter, weight 1692 g
4) TKG Pro carbon steel frying pan: 28.0 cm in diameter, weight 1380 g
5) Mario Batali enameled cast iron frying pan: 26.0 cm in diameter, weight 2465 g

The plan is to place each of these pans (cold) on the induction cooktop, turn the heat to medium, and measure the temperature at the center of the pan, about an inch from the edge of the pan, and at a point halfway between the two. I'll use a non-contact infrared thermometer (pistol type with a laser pointer) to obtain these measurements every 1 minute over a period of 5 minutes or so. Finally, I was thinking to take a final set of measurements at 10 minutes after turning off the heat in order to evaluate heat retention.

Would anybody be interested in the results of such a test? Is it worth the effort? Any thoughts concerning the basic methodology? Any suggested changes/additions to the testing procedures?

Looking forward to any feedback. Thanks in advance for your help.

Tanuki Soup

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