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Theinsville (N MKE) Farmer's Market

exvaxman | Jun 19, 2013 12:37 PM

Actually decent. Little produce, but a couple of BBQ stands, some of the best smoked trout I have ever had (the salmon was OK to better than average. Next week I am getting a couple more packages of the trout to see if I can duplicate his formula), Elk products, flowers, honey, etc. Not in the same league as West Allis, but there were several people there promoting it - I am assuming they are trying to make it bigger.
Tuesdays 7am-8pm

You can skip the Brown Deer market. Two stands were there last week.

Have a laugh - a few years ago one of the other early arrivers at work came in FURIOUS. Her husband apparently bought a truck load of cabbage a West Allis . A WHOLE truckload that was dropped off in their driveway. Apparently he had the thought of making saurkraut for all of the relatives. I made a few calls to friends and had lots of clean 5 gallon buckets put behind a couple of businesses and she borrowed my truck to pick them up. She was kind enough to give me a 5 gallon bucket worth when it was ready. I donated it to a local church for their picnic. From that point on her husband was referred to as "the da*m fool I married". I didn't mention the $10K Kimchi unit I was asking the wife about. Or the $1500 doughnut maker to replace my $150 unit. Or my $500 chocolate tempering machine, my eight bread machines (yes, all but one bought from thrift stores for different purposes), my two kitchenaide mixers. etc. She might have gotten up with my wife and teamed up on both of us!

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