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It's About Thaim: Spoon Thai secret menu translated (v. long)

foodfirst | Apr 14, 200310:40 PM

I've listed dishes under each heading moving top to bottom then left to right, ie finishing a row then moving right to the next row. (the menu lists items in three rows). Some items -- mostly towards the bottom half of the menu -- just weren't clear enough to make out, and some items I drew a blank on. But for what it's worth, here it is.
I wonder .... are the Thai Spoon folks from Issaan (see one of the desserts)?
Happy Songkran!

GIN PLYYN PLYYN ... GIN HAMCHAI (hard to translate, but something that you'd say in the context of a happy chow-focused get-together ... these dishes are considered "drinking food")

Muu bing (BBQ pork)
Nya dted dtiao (a sort of preserved meat/jerky type thing)
Saikrawk Issaan (Issaan sausage)
Gong takrai (lemongrass shrimp)
Haw tawt (fried oysters or mussels)
Tawt man (fried cakes ... presumably fish)
Muang thai (dishes of peanuts, pieces of lime, chili, dried shrimp, etc...put a little of each on one of the leaves provided, roll up, and pop in your mouth)
Gai tawt (fried chicken)
Gai manaow (bep krim) -- lime juice chicken (with coconut cream?)


Somtam tai, pbuu (papaya salad "tai"-style, with dried shrimp, or northern-style, with pickled crab)
Yam het (mushroom yam)
Sup nawmai (Issaan-style bamboo yam ... with preserved bamboo shoots, a taste some will love and some will hate)
Neem sot (neem is a sort of sausage-y thing, pork skin and meat chopped together with chili and lots of garlic and set aside to "ferment" for a few days. "Sot" means "fresh" so presumably this is uncooked neem in a yam)
????? nua (???some kind of meat)
Yam wunsen (bean thread noodle yam)
Namtok (the classic BBQ meat/ground rice/mint/chili/garlic/lime yam ... choose your meat? because it's not specified)
Dtap waan ("sweet liver" --- sliced liver with chili, lime, sugar)
Plaa gong ("fish-shrimp" --- not sure of the preparation here!)
Neem khao toot (see "neem sot" above -- same stuff but fried with rice, or fried and served with rice?)
Yam saikrawk (sausage salad ... probably prepared with sweetish Chinese-style sausage that has been lightly fried ... this can by truly yummy!)
Yam talay (seafood yam)
Yam plaamyyk (squid yam)
Yam muu yaw (pork yam of some kind... couldn't verify but I think "muuyaw" is a frankfurter-like sausage)
Yam mama ("mama" is a yellow "mi" noodle ... Thais refer to instant ramen-type noodles as "mama")
Yam kai yiaowma (thousand-year-egg yam)
Yam plaa toonaa (Tuna yam)

TOM ... PHAT...GAENG RAENG THYYNGCHAI (boiled...stirfried...currry strong and satisfying?)

Khao kapi*** ("kapi" is shrimp paste and this should be rice with kapi mixed in, or rice *very* lightly fried with kapi ... should not be "fried rice"! Served with dishes of Chinese sausage, sweet-cooked pork, sliced omelet, diced long beans, cukes, guava or green mango (Granny Smith Apple?), coriander and green onion, perhaps some fried shallot, and namphrik for spice. Start with rice, add other stuff, mix and eat.)

Kanaa muu krawb (Collardy green stir fried with crispy pork)
Kanaa plaa choon (same green with fish)
Phad phet plaadook (stirfried spicy catfish)
???? phrik (???? with chili!)
Gaeng ??? gongsot (??? curry with fresh prawn)
Gaeng som plaachawn (southern sour curry with snakehead fish ... available in the States?)
Boodaek (spicy and sour soup a bit like tom yum gong but should be with more Issaan-type herbs)
Tom yam gong
Gaeng chyyt daofuu (clear mild soup/stew with dofu)
Gaeng chyyt ???? (same as above of another, unreadable, type_
Bpakkaa ??? kai (napa cabbage with ???)
Tomyam kaa muu (tomyam soup with pork leg)
Mama kiimaow ("mama" noodles -- see yams above -- stirfried with basil, chili, and a mix of veggies ... this dish should be VERY spicy and very basily)
Tom ??? plaachawn (boiled dish of some sort with snakehead fish)
Phat phrik plaa tuunaa (stirfried chili tuna)
Yen dtaafoo (a noodle soup with blood, pinkish red color from some ingredient I've never been able to identify)
Gwaytiaow rya ("boat" noodles ... a soup noodle with your choice of ingredients that are usually laid out in a miniature longboat at the entrance of the restaurant --- not sure how Spoon Thai handles this one)
Sukiyaki nam, heeng (Thai suki, served with soup or "dry")
Phad talay (stirfried seafood)
Khao phad neem (stirfried rice with neem "sausage" -- see under yam)

DTAW IIK NOI .... DTIT CHAI NAAN (something like "make room for a little more, you'll be back again")

???? just unreadable
???? but I could make out kluay (banana)
Dek thiraa... (translates to "young person moved down from Issaan" --- a Spoon Thai special dessert?)
Cheesecake of some sort
Khao niaow thuriien (sticky rice with durian)
Linchii (lychee)
Nam dhreet (cantaloupe)
Namyai (longan)

***Khao Kapi will be best enjoyed as part of a meal that includes no other dishes eaten with rice --- no gaengs, or stirfries. And advance notice would probably allow Spoon Thai to assemble a knockout feast of accompaniments to the rice. Note --- the rice should stink (like a gaeng som) but, mixed with all the goodies, it tastes heavenly!

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