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How to get a tender, medium-well steak?


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How to get a tender, medium-well steak?

MatthewHSE | Jun 14, 2011 09:50 AM

I love the rich, robust taste of a grilled, fully-cooked steak (I find the bloody taste of medium or less to be unpleasantly similar to the smell of picking a scab on a hot day.) My "perfect" steak is rich brown outside with just a bit of charring, and lighter brown/gray inside except for a thin pinkish-gray line in the center.

I understand that the more done a steak gets, the less tender it will be. However, I've grilled some steaks to my perfect doneness that turned out deliciously tender. Unfortunately, it is more often a bit on the tough side - not usually *too* bad, but more chewy than I prefer.

Obviously the cut, the cooking temperature, searing time, and the cooking times are all factors, as well as the starting temperature of the meat, dryness, resting time, etc. My problem is that I can't afford steak often enough to figure out the combination of factors that accidentally come together sometimes to make the steak turn out so tender and good.

So with the understanding that a medium-well steak will never be quite as tender as medium or rare, what is my best bet for making that medium-well steak turn out as tender as possible, while still getting those delicious grill marks from proper searing?

I have a gas grill but have been tossing around getting a charcoal one too.

Thanks for any ideas,


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