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TEMPO update.

FoodWine | Nov 22, 2008 01:15 PM

All “old timers” on these boards know how much I (& the Hubby) love Tempo. After trying out lots of different restaurants in the Park Slope / Prospect Heights area lately, Tempo still remains our strong favorite. For a while we were so frustrated with all the other restaurants in the area, that we rather cooked ourselves than dined in a restaurant in the area. We felt we got better food that way. (and better wine).

The only bright star – for us- has been Tempo. It seems. more than ever, to be the strong constant that delivers every time. Ahh, the food, the good service & renewed positive energy -and last but not least, the ever amazing wine list, that has new gems added to it, even though we weren’t even through the “old” selection. Every dinner we have had there lately has been so positive, so thoroughly enjoyable that we just keep wanting to go back.

I cannot help it. Everything just fits. The service is so friendly and efficient. My water glass is always full. Every time we dine at another restaurant in the area we are not totally happy with the experience. Mostly not with the food. Even at one of our favorites, the Garden Café, which is mostly very good, we always feel that we are compromising: their wine list is short and, while it has OK wines on it, it is not too exciting. We are big on red wine, so even if the food is excellent –if the wine list is not- we are not really happy.

For a long time now, we have felt that the food at Tempo has been consistently good.
Now Tempo has some new items on the menu and for example the duck, even though not “new and groundbreaking” as a dish, is making me really happy. Tempo’s duck is really good. For a while now, I have been wondering why “no one” makes duck anymore. I do not need new inventions every time I eat in a restaurant: sometimes I am much happier with well-executed classics, or twists of classics. Real food made of fresh, high quality ingredients, by a skilled chef. And the “new” (not so new anymore) chef at Tempo seems to be “in the zone” and delivers delicious dishes. The hubby has loved all his fish dishes, too. They have been both fresh (super important) and well prepared.

Last Saturday the owners, Robert and Michael told us additional news, news that we personally liked a lot:
In December, on Saturdays, Tempo donates 70% of our / your dinner checks to a charity called Check it out, it is quite impressive. In these hard times, this is so great.
I love the idea; both the organization – and the fact that Tempo wants to participate. So, I know which restaurant we will eat in during December Saturdays. In addition to enjoying a wonderful meal, I can feel good about the fact that I am benefiting the needy.

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