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do you have a tea kettle you love?


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do you have a tea kettle you love?

lauracohenromano | Sep 5, 2011 12:46 PM

I need a new one. I'm hoping to find one that has a whistle but one that's not horribly loud, that has a handle on either top or side that doesn't get too hot to touch without a mitt on, that doesn't leak when you pour the water, or burn you when you flip the spout to pour (if indeed you do have to flip it). Oh, and that I can leave some water in when sitting on the stovetop, without rusting it.

I'm hoping for one that comes in yellow but I'll settle for red or green. I don't want clear, silver or black - I use my tea kettle every morning and most nights, and like for it to offer a cozy feel that those modern colors just don't, for me!

I'm not thinking to go electric, at this point. There's just something about the look of the kettle on the burner, that appeals to me. Anyone out there have a tea kettle that you love that would fit the above bill? Or one that you love that doesn't fit the above, but you love so much that you'd want me to compromise one of my requirements? (enthusiasm is contagious so you never know!)

Thanks in advance for any replies!

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