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How to keep tea bags fres?


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How to keep tea bags fres?

Stanley Stephan | Dec 8, 2002 04:03 PM

When I have company over I usually have a variety of teas. My questions is once the celaphane wrapper is off the box, the bags seem to go stale rapidly.

What is the best way to store tea bags? Can these be frozen like ground coffee?

What is also the best way to store loose tea. I usually don't have a problem keeping this around as I buy small quantities and drink it in a reasonable amount of time. However, it might be nice to buy more if I know a good way to store it.

Unless I really KNOW personal preferances, I've given up on trying to push loose leaf tea on guests. At least my own little inner circle prefers tea bags. So my assorment of tea bags sits around slowly going stale. Other than entertaining more often, how can I keep the bags fresh longer?

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