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Another TC's sojourn begins.

bishopsbitter | May 14, 2012 04:45 PM

I am not going to revive the old thread, but am back in the TC's for some more months, with time to check out new places. (Old Thread http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/675630).

i have already had quite good luck at Finnish Bistro on Como ave in St. Paul. Their traditional Finnish breakfast (photo attached) absolutely hit the spot. I have been known to expound that I could eat smoked fish for breakfast daily in perpetuity, and it's quite true. I think I have Nordic blood (my last name is I think derived from the Danish common surname Laerke).

Finnish Bistro was a nice experience. Although the klutzy way you have to order coffee from Dunn Bros I didn't like so much.

Also thanks to the young gent making coffee I have formulated a new inviolate rule. If I am standing on line, and a waitperson starts mouthing off to his friend about how cheap customers are about leaving tips . . . forget about getting even a penny tip. What a jerk!

I think you'll agree, that's one GOOD LOOKING breakfast.

Across the street the day before the Colossal Cafe was good but their egg-cooking skills let them down. (Once again, woefully undercooked whites and yolk.) And the wonderful bread was spoiled by having butter pre-applied and toasted. Would have so much preferred it dry and butter patties. Not horrible though and a beautiful quiet urban setting bar none.

Also had my first Jucy Lucy at Matt's Bar. (After 30 years off and on in the TC's . . . it was time.) A classic place no doubt, but the "Jucy" did not spark my juices at all. In spite of dire warnings of 7th degree burns when I bit into it a wimpy premature ejaculation of watery not-very-flavorful cheese puttered out. It was rescued by my election for raw onions but otherwise I think I will stick with cheeseburguer cheeseburguer.

Busters on 28th I enjoyed for their serious approach to beer. With even one cask ale on offer. The food was heavily fry-o-latere-ed but their artisan cheese plate was really good.

I liked it. I seem to be "on a roll" as nowhere so far (just back in town a week) has been really poor.

More reports to follow. thanks for reading.



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