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tasty fish for a dedicated fish disliker


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tasty fish for a dedicated fish disliker

china | Dec 31, 2003 04:09 PM

i say "disliker" because i really don't want to hate fish. but i guess "fish hater" would be more honest.

i'm trying, in the wake of the gloriously bountiful holidays, to eat a little more healthfully, and one of the ways i want to do this is by learning to eat fish. i have hated that fishy smell since childhood and wish, if possible, to rid myself of this aversion.

so -- i'm after your favorite recipes! especially if any of you are also not huge fish fans, but have one or two great ways of preparing it. any tips on how to buy/cook fish and shellfish in general would also be great. i'm in the midwest so just-caught is not really an option.

to be specific about my ichthian experiences:
i've had a bite of tuna steak once and it was okay. ditto lobster. tuna in a sandwich with lots of other stuff to disguise it is occasionally okay as well. sushi gags me, but this may be because of the nori, not the fish. the fish i grew up on was a flaky lemon-baked affair served with a mixture of sweet relish, mustard, and mayo which my mother called tartar sauce -- this is the memory that really starts my stomach churning.

thanks to everyone in advance!

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