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Taste of India raises prices

FelafelBoy | Apr 30, 200812:58 PM

Hadn't been to this restaurant for its lunch buffet in over six months.

Last time I was there the price for the lunch buffet was $8.95. I have been to other similar restaurants in the last few months for the same kind of buffet so I had little reason to think that the price would have changed dramatically. I learned AFTER EATING and at the time for paying for my meal that the new weekday price, tax included was now $12.65. There was no indication anywhere in the restaurant of the new prices. The weekend buffet must be at least $15 now.

All things considered, considering what is offered, and what the cost of these items would cost a la carte, $12.65 is still reasonable, but an increase from $9 to over $12 in such a short time, and now far higher than other similar restaurants is a complete turnoff.

Adding to that is the problem the restaurant seems to have with getting a qualified serving staff. My last visit involved the usual incidents that seem to occur regularly here - servers must be told to remove a plate that looks empty or near empty at all costs. I had to restrain the server several times to stay away from my table since I was still using the plates he was removing. The final straw which actually got me TO GO INTO THE KITCHEN was when I returned to my table after finishing the main courses to get my desserts and found that my entire table had been cleared and that included a new magazine I had resting on the table. Fortuanately he hadn't thrown it into the trash.

When I first entered the restaurant, the server had to be told to pour water into my glass.

The best dish on the lunch buffet included the tandoori chicken and the eggplant dish. Other dishes were ok. The vegetable jalfrezzi was notable in that the potatoes in it were very UNDERcooked to the point of not being edible. Fresh honeydew and canteloupe were underripe. The restaurant did put out some food that isn't cheap these days such as the fresh fruit and ripe tomatoes, but given everything else that took place, it will be a very long time until I return.

I will not mention another incident that occurred that would be embarassing to explain. It inovlved a lack of understanding, which seems to be a theme now at this place.

I hope other people have a better experience when they go. Is this place a bargain to eat at? Not any more. Desirable to go to? With other similar places in the area, not as nearly so. I'd choose somewhere else first, or second.

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