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Would we appreciate the taste of Espresso if it wernt for Caffeine?


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Would we appreciate the taste of Espresso if it wernt for Caffeine?

ryan | May 15, 2003 03:57 AM

How can tastes "develop" with maturity? Your born with a pattern of taste buds loosly based on incouraging the consumption of ripe/fresh foods and rejection of poisinious/rancid foods. Sweet=nutritious, bitter=poisinous. Humans spice food to heigten the overall taste experiance by evoking multiple sensations--but the overall taste never evoke sensations conserved for poision. I.E. a sauce should teeter more towards sweet then sour or bitter. We carmalize onions and stew tomatoes to increase sweetness.

Yet somehow when we mature we pick up an appreciation for unpleasent tastes as part of a more "refined" pallate. Is coffee or Whiskey a sophisticated taste, or is it a taste we learn to put-up with, so that we can ingest caffine. The baby's tastebuds do not take drugs into consideration. Adult tastebuds do. Mature tastes such as the hickory of a fine cigar, or the tobacco of a fine zinfandel, or the bitter of a fine dark roast, are not more refined then a babies taste buds; they just take into consideration the learned effect of the hidden drug.

I mean realy...who would we learn to appreciate bitter from? Other people born with the same primal loathing of bitter as us? How can a guinness taste good, when at birth we would hate the bitterness. This is of course before we know how great a few mugs will make us feel? Do we need any coersion to eat a bannana? Do we need an excuse to drink gin? Refined tastes are excuses to get drugs.

Sugar is the most sophisticated taste. Period.

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