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Tart (Bramley-style) apple sauce


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Tart (Bramley-style) apple sauce

AlexisT | Nov 19, 2011 09:15 AM

We are having roast goose for Thanksgiving dinner. If I were my English mother-in-law, I'd be serving Bramley apple sauce with it. Unfortunately, I live in the Eastern USA, and therefore cannot buy Bramleys--and as far as I've ever heard, no American apples cook quite like that. (For the Americans who have never had a Bramley, they are very tart cooking apples that cook into a fluffy puree.)

Normally, I make applesauce using McIntosh but that's much sweeter. Granny Smith is probably about tart enough, but supermarket Granny Smiths are so hard I'm afraid they won't cook into a sauce. Any ideas for which apples will give me a tarter sauce? The complicating factor is that I am limited to supermarket varieties as our farmers markets have all finished. I shop at Wegmans and their selection is fairly decent, but the selection still skews towards sweeter apples for eating.

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