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Tang Dynasty

chefMD | Aug 19, 2008 09:04 PM

First, a sad goodbye to House of Chong in Brick. While not the best Chinese food I've ever had, it was the best I had had since coming to NJ. The people there remembered my wife from almost 20 years ago! That folks, is amazing.
So, we have been to the usual haunts, most of which mentioned on this board and truly disappointing in almost every aspect and some just horrible! I guess we are spoiled having lived in San Diego for almost 10 years and having a large Asian population and having amazing choices all over.
Tang Dynasty, located in the Stella Towne Center (same as El Familiar!) 1226 rte 166 in Toms River, wasn't so bad. Usually I would steer clear of Chinese/Sushi places, but alas, we were hungry!
Clean, nicely adorned but not too much would be a good description. The menu is typical Chinese/American fare, nothing really stood out, nor do we know them yet so we stick to the basics.
Pu-Pu platter for 2 included skewered beef, fried chicken wings, spring rolls(pretty good with actual shrimp and shiitake), char sui ribs, and some kind of battered chicken. Beef was good, ribs could have used more time in the heat, and the chicken wings, well, very juicy and good(for what they were).
Mu Shui Pork, Spicy Eggplant in Garlic Sauce, Pork Chow Fun (my second favorite noodle), and some pork "fried" rice. Yes, pedestrian fare, but a good measure for follow up visits. Mu Shui was good, plenty of pork, not too wet, crepes were a bit dry. Eggplant was ALL eggplant, Japanese variety, cooked to a "T". Chow Fun had nice amount of "wok hei" but sloppy work of separating the rice noodles. Good amount of pork though, nice work there. Finally, the "fried" rice....... Well, i did not detect any wok flavor to the rice, frozen peas, carrots, and tiny amounts of pork contributed to a poor rendition.
To boot, the "complimentary" wontons on the tables were VERY stale.... What a shame.
Service was good, personable. Tea was stronger than most places which is a good thing for us. Bathroom was clean, always important to me.
Total bill, 42$ before tax and tip and we EAT alot, plenty to take home. We will return. Like El Familiar, plenty of good, little bad (wontons here, chips there) and good value.

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