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taco troubles . Need some guidance .


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Home Cooking 13

taco troubles . Need some guidance .

lestblight | Jul 17, 2010 12:47 PM

So I have told my brother I would cook a dinner for his post wedding party. ( there are 2 ceremonies.. One is religious and is smaller.. Mainly family) so I told him I would make food. He requested fancy tacos .

So I decided on pork and skirt steak .

So first .. Can anyone recommend some pork shoulder recipes for tacos?

I want a slightly crispy and succulent and moist pork.

So how do u think I should attain this?

Also ...

I hate when I have a taco and the tortilla is super dry. So I'm considering making my own.
Or should I just add some fat on the tortillas when I reheat?

Also I want a good sauce for these tacos.. Something a lil fatty not too watery .. But something that is the glue for all the ingredients .

Let me know if you have any ideas for some perfect ones for pork and steak.

Thanks much !

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