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Taco Hunting in North Baja


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Taco Hunting in North Baja

Masa Assassin | May 15, 2008 09:33 PM

It’s been awhile since I've been down to TJ; years ago I would visit on a weekly basis (not Revolucion Ave).

I started my day working through Tijuana feasting on some exceptional tacos from at least 5 taco stands. Most notable tacos for this trip, the original Tacos El Gordo, (Corner of Sanchez Tobado/Javier Mina) and Tacos El Paisa at Las Ahumaderes (The Blvd/Gob. Balarezo)

Things to note about Tacos El Gordo. I often times get asked about the difference between the TJ locations and their US operations. The cost is of course lower but not by much, basically $1.30 TJ vs $ 1.85 in US.
I’m always amazed by people complaining about the cost at the US locations. The variety is basically the same however the TJ location offers Masisa and Ojo (eyeball). I had to try the Ojo so I ordered one with my usual taco trio. To be honest it was good, but Ojo is just not for me. The asada and adobada were great as usual. As far as difference in flavor I have to give the slight edge to the TJ locations, however the difference is very minimal. I thought the meat was fresher and the masa was perfection.

As I left Tacos El Gordo, I walked across the street to Hildago Market. Wow! Just picture Imperial Farmers Market in San Diego multiplied by 10, and outside. Next time I go back I’m just going to stay here. They have some amazing looking places particularly Kikos Carnitas.

On to Las Ahumaderes. If you have not been to Ahumaderes there is a series of Taco establishments all lined up. It’s a taco lovers dream. This place has been around since before I was born!

I went to El Paisa and ordered the asada, chorizo, and adobada. They use a small grill with mesquite for all their meats

The adobada was awesome!!! It had so much zest and was marinated to perfection.

The chorizo as KR would put it almost made me weep it was that good.

Overall I have to give the edge to Tacos El Paisa at Las Ahumaderes they were best of the day for this trip. The tacos BTW are only $1.20, prices are painted on the wall. and also the salsa was very good I have some more places on my list to try next time.

The rest of my trip extended to Rosorito and final destination Ensenada. I came across some interesting places searching for the perfect fish taco in the place of its origin. I will post more when I get time.

KR Thanks for the video inspiration haha.

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