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Taco Bell Pre-90s Was Good - Do You Notice the Difference Now?

HoundDogz | Dec 6, 201001:21 PM     1219

This can go in any board here for the various regions of the US but I' from the LA area so it will go here.

People often put down Taco Bell talking about how bad it taste and everything. I don't know if they really feel that way or feel it's cool to. Honestly I don't think Taco Bell taste good at all but that's not from a coolness agenda but because it really in my opinion does not taste good. But in the 70s as a kid and the '80s as a teen into my early '20s it really was good. I am not sure what year they changed the formula for the taco meat but it was once really good.

Yes I know it was very greasy in the old days and they probably changed it for apparent health reasons but I don't go to Taco Bell for healthy food, then or now. I go to TB about once ever three months. Why if it's so bad? Well sometimes I do have a hankering for Taco Bell so I go and most the time I regret it because I'm displeased with it. It's not so bad if they just made the meat and it's super hot but even at that it's not so good. Actually I stopped going and will go for other specialty items but none that have to do with the meat they make.

Here is the reason it taste different. One thing is I knew a guy who used to work there. I knew him from a recent job. He used to work there in the '80s and said they used lard in their taco meat but because of health concerns they stopped. That's probably not the only reason, they probably changed the formulation of the recipe in other ways too. I often try to make the taco meat at home like they did in the good old days of Taco Bell but it never taste right. There is a recipe on the net that claims to be like Taco Bell but there are two problems. Once it's based on the current Taco Bell meat which I don't care for and two their recipe not only doesn't taste like the current Taco Bell meat but it taste really bad, as bad as Taco Bell nowadays.

Do any of you who are in their early '40s or older like me taste the difference of the old and new Taco Bell recipe? Which do you like better? I contacted Taco Bell about this and they deny their meat taste different now than it did back then. Blatant lie. The fact that they stopped using lard is enough for it to taste different so they lie when they say it taste the same. The formulation besides no lard must be different too. I know you all might not want lard in your food but let's face it Taco Bell used to taste good with the old formulation and the current is pretty bad.

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