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Best Sweetener for Homemade Frozen (Greek) Yogurt?

jon44 | Apr 21, 2012 03:43 PM

I've been enjoying making frozen yogurt in a home ice cream machine, but I wonder if it could be better than it is. I've used the very simple recipe of full-fat Fage yogurt, vanilla beans, and sugar--but I use a sugar that's lying around the house, which is brown sugar.

Just wondering if other sweeteners would dissolve better or impart a better flavor to "play off" the tartness of the Fage yogurt. I'd be curious to hear any suggestions.

(And in particular, wondering if anyone has any experience using maple syrup, powdered sugar (maybe the cornstarch in it would add body to the end product?) or granulated brown sugar (I'm not really clear on what granulation does, but some recipe' specify it.)

(And FYI, Trader Joe's now has (reasonably priced) Maple Sugar (just dried up maple syrup)--I'm eager to try it as soon as there is another good ice cream day in New England....)

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