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Sweet Risotto/Dessert Risotto?

Scirocco | Feb 25, 200810:38 AM

The recent risotto thread reminded me that I had a question too.......

The short question is has anyone ever made or heard of a dessert risotto made with sweetened condensed milk (instead of chicken stock for the liquid)? And if so, could you share (or point me in the right direction)?

Funny story regarding why I'm asking. Went to dinner with my husband and friends at one of our favorite Italian restaurants and at the end, ordered a dessert risotto with cranberries and chocolate chips mixed into a sweet risotto base. Sounded great! Except that as we ate it (and we got a LOT because we were the last table and they were finishing it up), it just seemed a little strange. It wasn't particularly sweet. Then, we noticed it had small bits of onion in it. ?? It wasn't awful, just weird. We asked the server about it, who was also confused, and who called over the chef. He looked equally confused and then almost immediately horrified as he realized what had happened...

Apparently, they always offer a dinner risotto and make a base for that (standard chicken stock, etc) but that night, also had a dessert risotto with a sweet base made from sweetened condensed milk among other things. The person who put our "dessert" together apparently grabbed the base out of the DINNER risotto pan and then added the dessert ingredients such as the cranberries and chocolate chips!! It actually tasted pretty good and we weren't upset about it, but obviously it was a far cry from what he was trying to serve us (they comped our dessert that night and gave us "coupons" good for free desserts in the future). BUT, we REALLY wanted to try the one that we were supposed to get, but they already had everything put away for the night. Next time we came in, that chef was gone so we couldn't ask him about it.

I vowed to give it a try at home. We had talked to the chef about it that night so got some idea of how it was made. But after much research, I have yet to find a dessert risotto that uses sweetened condensed milk as part of the base, which is how he said he started it (thinned with a little regular milk). I'm not sure how it would be different from using all regular milk plus sugar or perhaps evaporated milk. And do you think it would end up being much different from regular stove top rice pudding??

I would love to know if anyone has made something similar to this and how to do it. Thanks!

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