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Harsha | Mar 19, 2002 05:20 PM

This post is based on my experience at this restaurant in November of last year. I wasn't going to post anything about this restaurant until I noticed that someone is praising it again.

I was visiting New York with my family and we decided to make the trek from Manhattan to check out SWAD based on the recommendations we received from this website as well as Robert Sietsema's article. The service was unattentive and unhelpful. The glasses and utensils were all filthy. We had to use our own plastic cups and utensils that we had packed with us. The items listed on the menu were not the same as the ones on the steam table (which is all they really had). I have no idea how long the food was sitting on the steam table because it sure as hell wasn't fresh. The food was excessively greasy and tasteless. Some of my family members commented that they were using low quality ingredients and that the meat might be spoiled. My intuition tells me that this restaurant is operating under poor sanitary conditions. I am surprised that the city hasn't shut it down yet. After we finished our meal, no one came to give us our bill so I went to the front to get one. The guy working behind the steam table still didn't give me a bill, instead, he just calculated everything in his head and he gave me total which I ended up paying. We never received a bill or a receipt for anything. Later on, I found out that the idiot actually over charged us. We ended up throwing away the remaining portion of our dishes (which was quite a bit), and we left the place with our evening and dinner totally ruined.

Looking back in retrospect, going to this restaurant was a total waste of precious time and money. I had some great food on my visit to New York, but this definitely wasn't it. SWAD has to be one of the worst Indian/Pakistani that I have ever visited. I have no idea why anyone with any knowledge or decent taste of South Asian food would recommend this crappy restaurant. There has to be better Indian/Pakistani restaurants in New York than SWAD.

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