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Sushi/Sashimi survey


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Sushi/Sashimi survey

SushiProf | Mar 23, 2011 10:11 PM

Based on research that we did at Harvard, here is what we asked our students (100 in total) in a survey:

1. Do you like Japanese food?
85% replied yes, the rest replied no

2. Do you eat sashimi with chopsticks?
100% replied yes

3. Do you eat ginger?
65% said yes

4. Do you eat sushi with soya sauce and wasabi? if so, do you mix them completely before dipping?
95% said yes

5. Do you think sushi is better if bigger?
90% said yes

6. Do you think sushi is a main course for Japanese meal?
100% said yes

7. Do you know the manners in eating sushi?
15% said yes

8. Do you think Japanese food is popular?
100% said yes

9. Before you eat and after you eat, do you say what Japanese say?
5% said yes

10. Do you thank sushi restaurant/sushi maker after you have finished eating?
0% said yes

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