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Sushi question - octopus chunks?!


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Sushi question - octopus chunks?!

Bob Dobalina | Aug 14, 2005 05:07 AM

I have a sushi question - as part of a sashimi combo, I received three pieces of octopus - I grabbed the first piece without paying too much attention and it was very difficult to chew, much moreso than usual. The pieces I realized came as large chunks and was not sliced thin to reveal the white flesh as I've had at every other time at every other sushi place.

Octopus is, as you know, chewy to begin with. It dawned on me when I looked at the remaining pieces the insult that the sushi chef was trying to perpetrate on me. These were the ends of the tentacle and to my mind at least, it got quickly lopped off into three chunks and served by someone who thought maybe that, hey, this is the Massachusetts burbs, who's going to notice? Bigger is better, anyway, right?

Was I right to object here? I mean, they really were chunks - there were whole suckerpads on more than two sides of the piece and they were sort of square-ish, rather than the elegant slices you might expect.

Would love your feedback on this.

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