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bigtuna27 | Feb 18, 2011 12:14 PM

What is IZAKAYA?
Recently lots of Izakaya style restaurant popping up here and there in LA so as Izakaya connoisseur. I’ve read more than few post/comment about Izakaya restaurant based on wrong knowledge. So let me clarify Izakaya.
Izakaya—A place you can drink sake sitting down. [Direct translation] Means you can have drinks in relaxed situation.
Their food style is small appetizer type food. Similar style you can see in Spanish Tapas, French Bistro and English pub.

Food at Izakaya--- Anything goes as long as it comes in small size. There are more than several kinds of Izakaya exists in Japan.
Here are the few examples

1.Based on yakitori[skewered chicken BBQ]
2.Based on grilled fish and other sea food.
3.Based on Grandma’s cooking [Home style]
4.Based on innovative original dishes[usually Japanese style foreign food]
5.Or mix and match above style

Common thing in Izakaya is they have variety of sake [or beer/ hard liquor] since it’s a place to have drinks to begin with.

So if you think Izakaya in LA must have broiled fish, stewed vegetables or authentic Japanese wired dishes, think again. In Izakaya everything goes. If your favorite Izakaya has all the thing above and you are used to them doesn’t mean you know Izakaya general.

I can answer any questions about Izakaya. Keep it coming.

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