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sushi and other japanese food questions

drdawn | Feb 2, 2005 04:40 AM

I have shellfish allergies and will be travelling to tokyo soon. I'm getting tested properly for which shellfish I'm actually allergic to--afraid of unwittingly missing out on any potential deliciousness! Regular fish is definately okay, as is squid. The allergy is a real pain, because it interferes with the childish gleefulness of fearlessly biting into the unknown. A misstep will put me out of commission for quite a while. So I have a few questions concerning identifying potential allergens. These, btw, reflect my near total ignorance of japanese chow. I'm hoping to learn much more before I go--any pointers would be more than appreciated.

From the poking around I've been doing, it seems that I'll be able to identify most things--my impression is that japanese cooks like to let the food speak for itself. What I'm concerned about is unwittingly biting into something and finding something allergy inducing the hard way. Example: if I didn't know better, I would heartily dig into prawn toast at a chinese restaurant. So, from your experience is there anything in traditional Japanese cuisine (leaving aside, of course, the whims of individual chefs) that I'm not likely to recognise as shellfish? Mysterious white blobs or suspicious pastes?

what are the orange flecks on the outside of some sushi?

The sushi that has what seems to be salmon caviar on top looks delicious. Is there anything lurking underneath the caviar that I should be aware of?

Thanks for your help!

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