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Surviving Utah: Clam Chowder at Stoneground in SLC


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Surviving Utah: Clam Chowder at Stoneground in SLC

Dommy! | Mar 31, 2006 01:25 PM

On our first day of our trip, we found ourselves in the Salt Lake City library a little peckish. I knew things were bad when we walked through a movie set and I was seriously thinking of swiping something from the craft service table… Lucky a friend recommended to us a restaurant right across the street, Stoneground.

Located above a skate shop, Stoneground is a young casual eatery. Big open space with a pool table in the middle and tables by the windows. I’m sure on a game night or happy hour, this place gets jumping. It felt very comfy to me and we took a look at the menu, which was mostly Italian: Sandwiches, Pasta and Pizzas…

When the waitress came by to take our order, I guess I must have gotten too comfy because when I ordered the soup, I opted for Manhattan Clam Chowder… SO, a native PROUD New Englander, who has taken great pains to show me what truly GREAT Clam Chowder is, raised his eyebrow… you ordered the clam chowder… in UTAH….

Yeah, I got worried for a second there too…

But when it arrived, it looked rather tasty. The broth was thin, very flavorful of tomatoes and spices. Big chunks of potatoes and LOTS of clams. Not those little teeny clam pencil eraser nibs you get in canned soups, but easy to identify bellies. Their briny taste really worked well with the soup. In all honestly, they were most likely frozen or canned, but still very tasty and good texture! And I woke up the next morning just fine! Another Challenge to Utah met HEAD on…

We also ordered:

* Meatball Sandwich: Large, but standard tasting meaty meatballs. The best part was the toasty bread and sauce… Hmmm..

*Grilled Ham and Cheese: Not too Salty and again, on awesome bread! He ordered fries to go with this and they were the most flavorless fries ever! BLEH!

* Macaroni and Cheese: Not what we were expecting. It was more like Macaroni in a garlic alfredo sauce. Very good though, the sauce was REALLY cheesy and complex.

All in all, a decent lunch... And like I said, I'm sure lots of fun in peak hours...

As mentioned, the next morning was just fine, although part of me probably tempted fate on purpose because the next morning I would also head to my first skiing trip EVER. I knew, if the food in Utah didn’t kill me, then me getting on a pair of skis for the first time probably would…


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