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Re supermarkets not being candid about what foods have been frzen

Howard_2 | Sep 6, 201306:39 AM

This is a rant about certain foods sold in the supermarket that are alleged to never have been frozen, but which in fact are almost always frozen. This annoys me for 2 reasons: first, it makes me wonder about what other lies I'm being told; and second, frozen-then-defrosted foods lose flavor.

One of these is poultry products--chicken in various forms, and turkey parts (wings, thighs, legs) that appear to be packaged by the original vendor.

I first discovered this when I inadvertently bought some defrosted swordfish: it was significantly lacking in flavor, compared to never-frozen swordfish.

If you ask the employees working the meat counter, they will tell you "oh, no, we don't freeze these items, tho we DO chill them down to 26 degrees."

I guess I must be living in some kind of parallel universe, because in my universe, "freezing" is 32 degrees F, so anything below that--for example, 26--means "freezing".

Sometimes, you can find one of these "never frozen" packages in the meat case, frozen solid. Show it to the meat counter person and you get puzzled looks.

It's very easy to determine whether your package of chicken or anything else has been frozen, then defrosted: it has liquid sloshing around in the package. This occurs because freezing any food product of any kind--vegetables, meat, chicken, etc--results in the release of water.

I've started looking around for stores--old-fashioned butcher shops--that have never "chilled" their products down to 26 deg.

Anyone else have any observations or complaints about this?

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