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Best Supermarket Balsamic?


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Best Supermarket Balsamic?

Vinegar Diesel | Apr 6, 2006 01:19 AM

Hello 'Hounds ~

Wondering if you can help me out with something. I'm looking to buy a good balsamic vinegar for under $15 - something I might be able to find at my local Ralph's, Whole Foods, Bristol Farms, or Trader Joes. I don't mind if it's a wee bit over the $15 mark - so long as it's worth the additional cost.

I'm fairly new to the wonders of balsamic vinegar, and after having a taste of a truly wonderful example at a local Italian restaurant, the cheap-o Regina and Star versions just aren't cutting it. That said, there are a few pricey bottles at my local Ralph's - Ortalli and Colavita come to mind - I want to be sure my purchase is money well spent. I'm a broke student with expensive tastes - caviar dreams on a tuna fish budget, if you will - but I'm sure I can pick up something fine that won't break the bank.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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