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Super weird (and annoying) lags


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Super weird (and annoying) lags

rworange | Aug 30, 2011 09:01 PM

When I open a post flagged as "new", the flag may or may not be removed. Even if it is removed, when I re-open the post it is like it is 'new" with only the most recent replies.

When I add a reply, posting seems to work, however when I go to my profile page, my post isn't shown and when I re-open the post it is gone. I added a reply to this topic and even edited it however it is gone.

I'm on a notebook and using IE9

Edit: going back to my profile, this topic is not appearing on my proflie page, though it has a number assied to it.

Ok, logged in and out. Cleared cache. Still ... profile not reflecting changes. However if I use the Site Talk and San Francisco boards, This new topic appears and the reply seems to appear in the Grocery Outlet thread BUT when I open the thread, my reply is gone.

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